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  Tea & Crumpets

Young ladies whose tastes run to fine things — from sweeping floor-length dresses and be-ribboned  hats to a lace-covered table beautifully set with Grandmother's china, crystal candlesticks and vintage silver — will find that this elegant affair fits them like a glove. Dear friends will be delighted to receive lace-glove invitations beckoning them to an afternoon of high-spirited fun.

Arriving to find a setting of near-Victorian splendor, guests will be whisked off to the milliner's, where they'll design the bonnet of their dreams. The next stop is the "wardrobe," where they'll choose from a selection of elegant dresses, gloves, feathers, furs and "jewels."

When they emerge in just the right combination of finery, they'll be ready for a walk down the runway in the "Sunday Best" fashion show. Other games designed especially for this well-bred group include A Rose by Any Other Name, One Lump or Two Relay and Queen of Hearts Croquet.

No tea party would be complete, of course, without scones and jam, tiny sandwiches and delicate sugar cookies, along with the fresh-as-spring Straw Hat cake and apple cider or pink lemonade.

Let us polish the silver while you take the place of honor.


Please note that this party is designed for groups of no more than 8 children.


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