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Land ho! Set your sights — and your sails — for an amazing adventure.

To make sure your young shipwreck survivor has plenty of company in his or her own tropical paradise, summon the rescue party with our irresistible note-in-a-bottle invitations.

As they come ashore — serenaded by the calypso sounds of the islands and surrounded by palm trees, sea shells, brilliantly colored fish and festoons of fishnet — they're likely to lose all interest in returning to civilization.

The Sandcastle opening activity gives your guests a a lasting bit of the island experience to take home, while games such as the Survival Relay, S.O.S. Telegrams and Survivors’ Scavenger Hunt test both their wits and their endurance. A Loony Limbo Contest rounds out the party and makes confirmed islanders of them all.

To help keep body and soul together, provisions include a spectacular Shipwreck cake and fruit punch served in coconut cups. Then fortify your survivors for their long voyage home with a goodie bag "survival kit."  

Send up your S.O.S. today! Call and let us rescue you from the birthday-party doldrums.


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