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How much does it cost?
A complete Celebrations Sensations party for up to 16 children — including costume accessories for all guests — starts at $895. Please call for pricing for additional guests and other a la carte options.

What does that include?
More than ever! We start with a custom-designed, show-stopping invitation, personalized with your child's name and party specifics and shipped to you for delivery to your guests.

While you're waiting for your guests to RSVP, we're busy gathering theme-specific party favors with real play value, selecting the right costume accessories to add to the fun, preparing custom thank-you cards and assembling individual craft kits for the arrival activity.

On Party Day, three to five party professionals — depending on the size of your guest list — arrive 90 minutes early to set the stage. Armed not just with balloons, tablecloths and paper goods, but also with appropriate music and sound effects, three-dimensional props and decor, and a spectacular, theme-related cake, we transform your party room into an experience to delight all your child's senses.

Finally — and this is the best part — we stay to run the entire party, from the arrival activity to the games to the serving and clean-up of the cake and punch. As your guests' parents arrive, we're removing trash and decorations, ready to leave within 30 minutes of the party's end.

In short, our fee covers every detail of the best at-home party your child has ever had — and maybe the first one you've ever had the time to enjoy.

There are lots of theme-party packages out there.
What makes Celebration Sensations different?

To make your child's special day truly special, we go way beyond coordinating paper goods. We put over 15 years' experience into every detail — from the selection of favors to the pacing of the party itself — to make sure each child has a great time. From invitations to thank-you notes, every element of a Celebration Sensations party is guaranteed to contribute to the most unforgettable birthday ever.

What do I need to do to prepare for the party?
Figure out the guest list, address and deliver the invitations, and make sure your camera battery's charged and ready to go. Then sit back and enjoy the day — as well as your friends' congratulations on a sensational party!

How about real food? Shouldn't we serve pizza or hot dogs?
Over the years, we've learned that most kids are much more interested in party games than they are in food. To them, a slice of pizza is just an interruption in the fun — and we've had to throw it away more often than not. That's why most of our parties are scheduled between mealtimes, and refreshments are usually limited to cake and juice. Light snacks can be included at an additional cost.

What about entertainment?
Our repertoire of original, theme-appropriate games is the entertainment for most of our parties, encouraging full participation by your child and his or her guests in a way no entertainer can. Of course, there are certain themes that lend themselves to additional entertainment — it's hard to imagine a Wild West party without pony rides, for example, or a Magic party without a real magician — and we're happy to arrange these services for you.

How many games do the children get to play?
We're always ready to play many more games than we've ever used, so that we can easily adapt to the preferences and personality of a particular group. If a certain game is a real favorite, we may play it several times; on the other hand, if attention starts to wander, we end it quickly and move on. Guests at a typical Celebration Sensations party will enjoy 8 to 10 theme-specific games, in addition to the arrival activity.

Do you do "character" parties . . . like Batman or Barbie?
No. Our parties are crafted around classic, all-encompassing themes, with particular emphasis on creating a complete environment and reinforcing it through interactive, original games. Character parties tend to be pretty one-dimensional, without enough substance to support the kind of parties we do best.

I want to invite my child's whole class . . . can you suggest a theme for a large group?
We've found the most successful party size to be 12 to 16 children, since the only way to avoid the impatience that comes with waiting too long for a turn is to split the children up into multiple, parallel activities. If you have to invite the whole class, consider skating rinks, pool parties or play centers.

What do you recommend for a very young child?
Children under the age of four are usually more interested in parallel play than interactive play — regardless of their surroundings. Their attention spans just aren't very well suited to the kind of interactive games that a Celebration Sensations party involves. For children this young, your best bet is usually a family-oriented gathering, with lots of cousins, balloons and cake.

Can you suggest something for a wide range of ages . . . say, 4 to 11?
This is a little harder. At the most successful parties, the guests are within a year or two of the birthday child's age. To accommodate a wider range, the best bets are those themes that allow for some independent, parallel activities . . . like Down on the Farm or Under the Big Top.

I want something extra special. Can your parties be customized?
Sure! Most themes can be expanded with additional theme-related crafts, more elaborate costume options and even theme-related entertainment — such as clowns or jugglers for an afternoon Under the Big Top, ponies for a Wild West Round-Up, a petting farm for an authentic Down on the Farm experience, or an exotic animal handler to accompany your child On Safari. Please call for pricing on these and other options.

It's never too early to begin planning the most memorable birthday your child will ever have. Call or e-mail us today to get started.


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