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Wild West Round-Up All Aboard! Down on the Farm


For most busy parents, a child's plaintive request — "Can't I have my party at home?" — adds way too much to an already lengthy to-do list.

We understand; we've been there. You're on the go constantly, balancing soccer games, Brownie troop meetings, dance and karate lessons, orthodontist appointments, and the never-ending chores that come with a household with children.

You've got it all under control ... until it's time to start planning the party.

What can you do to set this birthday apart from the rest? How much time will you spend searching for original invitations, out-of-the-ordinary decorations, fun favors? What will you do about a cake?

And the biggest question: How will you keep a dozen children not just busy but truly entertained for two hours without wrecking your living room and sacrificing your sanity?

Call or e-mail us right now and let's start planning the most unforgettable — and stress-free — party you've ever thrown.


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